Telltale Games creating 'Back to the Future' and 'Jurassic Park'

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 LOS ANGELES – Telltale Games is going back in time for a new series of video games.

The developer is creating episodic titles based on the "Back to the Future" and "Jurassic Park" franchises. The popular Universal Studios film trilogies spawned several games in their heyday in the '80s and '90s but have been absent from the interactive realm. The as-yet-untitled Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC and Mac games are set to be released this winter.

 Holy shit. Telltale? Jurassic Park? Back the Future?! Great scott!
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Can't wait to see MUCFLY!!! and Biff!

#3 Posted by FunExplosions (5407 posts) -

As long as they're 2d, I'm down.

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Great Scott! Back to the Future could be an AWESOME adventure title. Jurassic Park depends on how serious they make it.

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Caustiously optimistic about this. Back to the Future anyway. Was never a big Jurassic Park fan.

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So its like they have McFly not looking like Fox or they have him looking like Fox but not sounding like him. Either way its weird. But if they can get Chris Loyd I'm totally on board.

#7 Posted by Metal_Mills (3033 posts) -
@FunExplosions said:
" As long as they're 2d, I'm down. "
I doubt it'll be 2D. All there games are 3D now.
#8 Posted by ztiworoh (731 posts) -
@ryanwho: Honestly, considering he still does a lot of voice work, I could totally see there being a possibility of getting Michael J Fox on board - if they had the budget.  
Either that, or this is the continued adventures of Doc Brown, minus Marty.
#9 Posted by VilhelmNielsen (1740 posts) -
@FunExplosions said:
" As long as they're 2d, I'm down. "
Doubt it, but they should be. I'm not interested in seeing those characters in their mediocore-looking engine.
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Fuck yeah! This is fantastic news! I hope they get to use the original soundtracks!

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