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The Temple of Solusek Ro
The Temple of Solusek Ro

Temple of Solusek Ro is found in one of the three caves visible from the lava pit in Lavastorm Mountains. Inside, adventurers of all persuasions will find countless quests. Solusek's followers include members of every race, and they teach that one should pay homage to the Burning Prince by simply devoting their lives to improving the skills of their chosen profession. Casters of all four houses of magic will certainly find quests of great interest here. Clerics also will be dedicated to capturing the suit of golden plate armor offered through these quests. Combat is not tolerated within this sacred temple, and those breaking this rule will be dealt with swiftly for this is a place of learning, not violence. While the quests are offered by men and women of all races and classes, none are hostile to anyone, except for the Efreeti Lord Tazgar. Tazgar is believed to be from the astral plane ruled by Solusek Ro himself, sent to keep watch over the temple. Mortals foolish enough to attempt to converse with him will quickly learn how powerful the Burning Prince's wrath can be.

Neighboring Zones

Commerce & Tradeskills

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Terblyn ZelbusWizard Teleportation Spells


Notable NPCs

  • Blaize The Radiant
  • Cryssia Stardreamer
  • Gardern
  • Gavel the Temperant
  • Genni
  • Joyce
  • Lon the Redeemed
  • Lord Lyfyx of Burwood
  • Lord Searfire
  • Ostorm
  • Plasmatic Priest
  • Romar Sunto
  • Solomen
  • Sultin
  • Syllina
  • Tazgar
  • Vilissia
  • Vira
  • Vurgo
  • Walthin Fireweaver

Notable Items

  • Acumen Mask
  • Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe
  • Bard Class Armor (Lambent)
  • Broom of Trilon
  • Burning Rapier
  • Circlet of Mist
  • Clay Bracelet
  • Cleric Class Armor (Gold)
  • Earthen Boots
  • Incandescent Gloves
  • Incandescent Mask
  • Incandescent Wand
  • Paladin Class Armor (Ro)
  • Robe of Enshroudment
  • Robe of the Elements
  • Robe of the Keeper
  • Rod of Insidious Glamour
  • Runescale Cloak
  • Shadow Knight Class Armor (Darkforge)
  • Shadowbound Boots
  • Shadowbound Gloves
  • Shovel of Ponz
  • Shield of the Devout
  • Spell: Primal Remedy
  • Spell: Tashania
  • Staff of Temperate Flux
  • Stein of Ulissa
  • Tishan's Kilt
  • Torch of Alna
  • Weeping Wand

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