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Tenchi Muyou! Game-Hen ("Tenchi Muyou! Game Edition") is a strategy RPG for the Super Famicom and features story beats and characters from the Tenchi Muyou! manga and anime license, about a nondescript human teenager who inexplicably becomes the object of affection for a group of alien women after accidentally releasing one of them from her centuries-long slumber.

The story of the game begins when a mysterious woman named Mizuki decides to test regular characters Tenchi Masaki, Ryoko Hakuba, Ayeka Masaki Jurai and Mihoshi Kuramitsu by forcing them to fight spectral monsters. The game progresses to various locations after that, and adds more characters to the player's roster for them to select.

The combat of the game uses an isometric grid that the player moves characters around - the player can select four characters to take part going in. Characters level-up by defeating monsters, but there's no experience points in the game; rather, characters get stronger once they have defeated a specific number of enemies. Some characters, like Mihoshi and Ryoko, have longer ranges to their attacks and can target foes from further away.

The game was fan translated by the BorderLine team in 2009.

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