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Tengai Makyou Zero is a turn-based RPG created by RED Company and Hudson for the Super Famicom in 1995. The game is the fourth entry in the Tengai Makyou franchise and is the only game in the series to be released for the Super Famicom.

Tengai Makyou Zero lacks the cut-scenes, voice acting, and CD-quality music that the franchise is known for due to the limitations of Nintendo's cartridge-based hardware. However Zero does push the technical limits of the Super Famicom thanks to the game's SPC7110 decompression chip. The SPC7110 chip was developed by the Seiko Epson Corporation and allowed Red Company to compress over 72mbits of game data into Zero's already hefty 40mbit cartridge. Zero's cartridge also contains other unique features such as its internal battery that powers a real world clock that unlocks special time-specific events in the game.

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