So this show is my favorite Anime.

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I am a huge fan of mecha shows and this one is just pure awesome. Code Geass used to be my favorite Anime but Gurren Lagann is just awesome. I have no clue if the DS game is any good though, but it is the only Gurren Lagann board. 
Oh here is a drawing of the logo I made a while ago for no reason.

So if you like Gurren Lagann make a shout out. Also maybe say some other Mecha Anime you are a fan of. You can't go wrong with Evangeleon or Gundam Wing.
I know this is more of a thing for Anime Vice, but the community there is not active like at all and I care more about what people think here.
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I still need to finish Gurren Lagann one of these days. It's definitely a fun anime and totally off the wall. Code Geass on the other hand really rubbed me the wrong way towards the end of the first season and the unexplained reset of the second season in the first episode has got me doubting that I'll ever finish it. Then again, Shounen anime in general just isn't for me ( no surprise there).  
My favorite mecha anime would have to have been the Pat Labor movies (dubbed instead of subtitled, in fact. Goto's Japanese voice sounds waaaay too young for his character while his English voice fits perfectly) they're more detective movies than mecha ones, though, till like the last 15 minutes of each movie. I also really enjoyed Vandread and Kannazuki no Miko but the former is a romance comedy and the latter is a romance, but both happen to have mech fights.
Cool drawing ^^ 
Edit: Oh and I enjoyed Macross Plus if that counts.

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FLCL continues to be the best thing they've done.

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Just make sure you don't watch the English dub.. ugh.
I don't consider myself a fan of Anime at all. But this series is really kick-ass and still proves to me that some anime is well worth the time. There's just so much crap out there to wade through...

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It is definitely the most epic anime ever that's for sure. I think I still like Code Geass more though. Nice drawing btw. I wish I could draw even half as good as that.

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I've started watching the new SD Gundam series lately, the Three Kingdoms one. Oh man, totally blew my mind, it makes no sense whatsoever! Whoever came up with the concept is insane! You have to watch it! 
I didn't like Gurren Lagann for some reason... 
Couldn't stand it. 
Code Geass was pretty awesome. 
In General though, not a lot of Mecha anime i really like that much...
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gurren lagann is mad GAR dude, I don't think I've shed as many manly tears in my whole life since that show. Amazing show with the typically awful gainax ending. Nevertheless, it's uber-evocative.

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@Symphony:  You should really finish both shows. They are good. I didn't like the reset in Code Geass' second season either, but the last episode is just good.The show is like Death Note with robots. While GL is just pure manliness and awesome.  
Hmmm, I do really like Dective shows (Case Closed/Detective Conan is one of my favs). So that with robots should be great, I will have to give Pat Labor a try.
I have all of Macross on DVD on my side table that I borrowed from someone. I should really get around to watching that.  


  Agreed! It is the manliest thing to ever exist. MY DRILL WILL PEIRCE THE HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!
@ryanwho: FLCL is okay. It is just not my taste really. 
@Darkstar614: Agreed. I watched it all in Japanese, then watched an episode in English to see how it was......and well. Ya the Japanese is better :P  


It sure is pretty epic. Ya I can see by your screenname :P Thanks!  I am still a big Code Geass fan, and it is still really great. My ex used to call it Code Gayass though, just to get on my nerves. She runs the colleges Anime club and I got them to show the 1st season, everyone else hated it for some reason. I have some of the manga and light novels for it too.
@Shirogane: I think I have seen enough Three Kingdoms stuff for a life time with my old roommates playing the games so much. But maybe. Well, I guess not everyone would like it. Yes CG is awesome. I like many other types of anime besides mecha, but giant robots always help. Lets see a good one I like with no robots. Darker Than Black. Everyone should see that.
This is long...
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Gurren Lagann is easily my favorite mecha show.  It probably helps to say that I don't watch mecha stuff very often.

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I actually have all this on my computer but havnt started it

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@unclejohnny79: You really really should.
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I don't like anime much, but I like Gurenn Lagann.
That is saying something.

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Oh yes, Darker than Black is awesome! Although the ending to the second season was...urgh. About as bad as the ending to the first i guess... 
What about Black Lagoon?
The Three Kingdoms thing was one part of the insanity, but just the whole...gundams living, breathing, crying and eating? MADNESS! 
Chibified Gundam Liu Bei?! WHAAAT?!
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@Shirogane: I have not had a chance to see the second season actually. I really should, even if the ending seems to not be so good. It is in Russia after all.
OH! That is the chibi one. I have seen some of that. Umm ya.....

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