Anyone here started playing a game? [US Server]

#1 Posted by Askherserenity (127 posts) -

I doubt it but I was wondering if we could gather up a few people to make a Giantbomb guild. Just started playing today and I am hating the general chat already...

#2 Posted by Demoskinos (15363 posts) -

@Askherserenity: I plan on possibly checking it on in February when they turn the flood gates open and make it full free to play. Got way to much to play right now to bother just yet. Keeping an eye out though.

#3 Edited by Eribuster (536 posts) -

I started playing once the game went free-to-play. It's pretty fun, though I'm starting to tire of it a bit. I got a priest to level 44 on Mount Tyrannas by mostly playing alone. I toyed around with the thought of making another character, but now that seems unlikely.

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