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Brad said he started on Basilisk Crag (I think?), so I started there as well. I'm just wondering if anyone wants go get a GB guild going. Apparently guild stuff is a huge part of this game, with the political system and all. So we could potentially have a large impact on our server/world if we wanted to.

What do you guys think?

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Yea, I'm interested. I just got the game yesterday and haven't started yet. Wasn't sure what server to roll on, and I would like to roll with duders.

I plan on making a Female High Elf Priest...

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I started a GB guild on Celestial Hills with Onisama. Guild is named "Good Luck Have Batman", people can feel free to join if they'd like. I also created a character on Basilisk Crag but looks like Brad hasn't logged in since the quick look, if you start up a guild though I'll join but my main is on Celestial Hills and you can't transfer from PVE to PvP servers.

Have to say I'm quite enjoying Lancer but haven't had a chance to do any proper tanking since I haven't leveled it high enough. Female elf lancer plate armor is awesome too :D Need to get my Archer to 42 so I can get out of my stupid leopard print leathers.

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I have a 38 Lancer on Basilisk Crag, I don't mind rolling a new dude to party though since I've only played as a Lancer so far and I'd like to try another class.

How is the community on Celestial Hills ? I haven't played for a few days but Basilisk Crag is full of idiots, PVP elitists, creepy people, and trolls.

That's a good point! The last MMO I played a whole lot of was FFXI and that probably had the most civil players in any multiplayer game. Maybe it's just been luck of the draw with server selecting but Tera seems pretty bad compared to other MMOs. I haven't played Tera since they added a new PVP server to help with the waiting times, it's possible it's calmed down some.


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@Enns said:

How is the community on Celestial Hills ? I haven't played for a few days but Basilisk Crag is full of idiots, PVP elitists, creepy people, and trolls.

So it's an MMO?

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@stenchlord: Well, I figure here's maybe what we could do. Have your guild be the official PvE guild, and then I'll make a guild on Basilisk Crag for those that want a PvP server. Then maybe we can make a nice, tidy official thread about it?

Also, I need someone to get on Basilisk Crag with me, and join my group so I can create a guild. My characters name is Cobble. Hit me up with a message if you can help. Thanks!

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I've been playing on Freehold and its been very pleasant. I wish I would have seen this thread before I started playing though.

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@stenchlord: I was going to make a character on Celestial Hills and then I realized it's the roleplaying server. Do you guys actually role play in the game? I don't really have any interest in that, but I'd like to join if it's not required.

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@Enns: Community is nice, I joined cause that's where Onisama was playing and he said the community there was better than what he'd seen on other servers.

@MAST: Sounds like a plan to me :D I'll add you on Basilisk Crag, hopefully we're online together at some point.

@TheLastOtaku: You can transfer your character to another server. How to do it listed here :)

@Zithe: I haven't been roleplaying and as far as I can tell no one does it in the general chat, if anyone is roleplaying it's in party chat or guild chat.

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@stenchlord: I made a character named Zithe and I'm online right now if you are in a position to invite me.

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I'm downloading the game as I post this, probably won't be done for a couple hours. I haven't played many MMO's before (DC Universe and Old Republic briefly) but I would be real interested in rolling with people who are not complete freaks xD.

So you guys are playing on Basilisk Crag? Celestial Hills?

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@MikeFightNight: If you are new to MMOs, I probably wouldn't recommend playing on a PvP server. If you are going to choose between those 2 servers I would say Celestial Hills probably has the better community.

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Greetings Duders,

Yeah I started on the RP server just because the PvP server's community seemed... well you've seen the quicklook =P No role playing so far on our guild, but if you'd like to roleplay Brad go for it! XD

At any rate, Celestial Hills has been good so far and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. JOIN NOW!!

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Characters on Celestial Hills, feel free to add them to friends.

  • Kalindre - Archer - L40
  • Yolora - Lancer - L13
  • Sorah - Priest - L10

I made a Beserker on Basilisk Crag (Kalindre also) but only so MAST can make the guild but haven't been able to catch each other online yet.

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I need ideas for rank names people!. Recruits are now known as Interns.

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I have a Lancer on Basilisk Crag but if ppl want to roll on Celstial Hills I am all down.

Caroliena is my Lancer on BC

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Play on both :D

Guild Rankings:

  • Guild master/s
  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • Freelancer
  • Intern

If you can suggest any others having one or two more couldn't hurt although Editors/Journalists get the ability to invite new members and post guild messages while Freelancers only get to post guild messages. Interns get no privileges as it should be :P

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