Gettin' Organizized (Alternatively, "Wnen Do You Play?)

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I'm actually pretty busy all this week so not going to get a chance to play much and when I do I'm on of the people who have been sucked away by D3.

I was actually not interested in D3 at all since I didn't play D1 and only dabbled in the console version of D2 but got it since some friends were interested and have been sucked in to it :/

  • Server: Celestial Falls (Good Luck Have Batman Guild)
  • Characters: Kalindre - L41 Archer | Yalora - L33 Lancer | Sorah - L27 Priest | Phinea - L12 Slayer | Stenchlord - L12 Sorceror
  • Time Zone: Sydney, Australia / GMT + 10:00
  • Playtime: Weekdays 10am - 2pm / 5pm - 9pm | Weekends 11am - 5pm -- Those are the general times I'm on, since I have shift work it will vary on that but those are the times I'll usually appear (Just not this week, got lots of work and a wedding)
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celestial falls, Kersan level 45, pretty sure I'm the only one who's actually played this week

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