PvP or PvE?

#1 Posted by Bolkonsky (13 posts) -

So I was gonna join a PvP server but after reading about channel switching/safe zone exploits Im thinking twice. Can anyone sound off on how big of a piss off this is?

This game seems like it would be a riot pvp as long as it isnt broken, with the guild vs guild stuff especially.

#2 Posted by IndieFinch (252 posts) -

It is up to your own desires on what you want to get out of the game. If you do role on the PvE server, you will not get ganked while leveling. But there is no outlaw system nor Giuld vs Guild battle. If you have any sort of desire to possibly PvP down the line, I would say role on a PvP server. The GvG stuff seems like it is a big part of the game and if you are going to level 1-60 anyways, might as well maximize your amount of content.

if you do go PvP, just expect to get ganked while fighting mobs and dying without a chance to fight back. I am only level 20 and it seems that most "PvP" is people 50+ ganking or a few dudes grouping up and 2v1ing or 3v1ing you. To combat this you will feel the need to join a guild, which if your guild is at war with another guild, you are always checking your back to make sure a member of the other guild isn't coming for you. Also the best way I found out to level in peace is to switch channels, I currently just level in channel 4. If I do get ganked (I am a Mystic and can't fight back when I have 3 other mobs on me) I just resurrect, switch to a different channel to avoid that guy, then continue about my questing.

#3 Posted by Bolkonsky (13 posts) -

well put. I gave 1-11 a shot in PVE with my lancer and I'm probably gonna reroll on a pvp server.

#4 Posted by Brother_PipPop (274 posts) -

I can't speak for GVG part of PVP but just rolling around PKing and defending against pkers is really really fun. I've never played a mmo with straight up one faction ad it's really interesting. I was fighting this one dude then all a sudden these two different groups of like forty something's jumped in shit got crazy real fast.

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