So, how is this game now ?

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Me and a few friends are looking for a new mmo to play and I noticed this game went free 2 play awhile ago.
I remember people not being that hot on it when it came out but i was wondering if it had changed at all
since release and if anyone here stills plays it ?

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@toxicfruit: I haven't played in a while but when I did play shortly after it went F2P I thought it was a competent MMORPG with a cool art style. It doesn't do anything terribly new or exciting but the game is pretty solid on it's own.

It's free to play so you and your friends don't have a lot to lose except a bit of time. Be prepared for a long download though, I think the game ended up being over 40gb's installed.

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@humanity: Damn that is a big download, but thanks for the reply !

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@toxicfruit: All the questing and leveling is generic and boring as fuck. But I think the combat in boss or dungeon encounters are among the most fun mmo experiences I've had. Too bad it takes a while to get there lvl20~.

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