Tera Censorship, What you Need to Know, Why You should care.

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#51 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@adoggz said:

@The_Laughing_Man said:

For context on the race

Now to remove this from my hardrive before the FBI comes

great, now we are all going to pedo jail. THANKS!

I need company. If im going down I might as well take you all with me! 
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It's purely an aesthetic change.

In the western market, people are a lot more apprehensive towards seeing sexualization of underage characters. Giving them shorts, adjusting those aesthetics so the game doesn't get even more negative attention from people who see a kid in a game and immediately think, "Oh this game is for pedophiles," as quite a few people in this thread have said already, is something you'd do if you want this game to get across to most people in a market outside of the east. It's not censorship; it's how you adjust a game for an international market so that you don't alienate everyone.

If they took the race out completely, then you'd have more of an argument here. That'd be removal of content that'd have an actual significant effect on the game itself.

Putting shorts on some lolis doesn't make much of a difference in the end.

If the line between you wanting to play a game or not rests with what pants those characters are wearing, your priorities are pretty out of whack. Just go watch Nisemonogatari or something.

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Yeah... I Googled some images of this Elin race. Needless to say I feel like I need to take a shower to clean the oily pedo-filth off my skin and purge my history before the fucking police come knocking at my door. This isn't censorship. This is just common decency. Maybe sexualizing children is cool over in Korea/Japan, but that shit won't fly over in western society, and shouldn't anywhere.

#54 Posted by JayHitcher (27 posts) -

On a side note, the pedophilia jokes in this thread are funny purely because it's pretty clear that most of the people making them aren't aware of how deep the lolicon rabbit hole goes.

You lucky, lucky people.

#55 Posted by PixelPrinny (1076 posts) -

Wait, did you come to a general western gaming forum to post a gripe about something only the lolicon community gives a shit about and expect people to see your side of the argument, let alone care?


#56 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

Ring me when pedophilia turns out to be okay and maybe I'll care when Asian inspired 8-year old girls models are censored. Until then, good riddance, it was kind of disgusting thinking about having a girl look like that as a character.

#57 Posted by TruthTellah (9665 posts) -

To me, the issue is that they apparently didn't implement the shorts properly. The shorts should work well with the geometry of any outfits, and they should be properly dye-able as other clothes are. I 100% agree with them adding the shorts, but they definitely need to tweak them to not hinder someone's personal styling of the character.

This isn't a case of unwarranted censorship. It's proper censorship executed a bit poorly.

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I'd like to address some issues here in this thread

But first I began I would like to say this:

Keep in mind that Tera Online is a M-Rated Game. That means blood, themes, and fights against monsters is suitable for it's rating. A Video-game is a video-game, not real life. That would be very much saying that players who play games like Guild Wars are real-life murders. Which you know is bogus.

I've seen time, and time again people linking up elin to pedophilia or accusing players who do not like the censorship as such. These type of players, I assume have never played any mmo's besides their western ones. If that were the case then companies like NIS America wouldn't exsist. Why? Because they have a character similar to elin that they publish in disaega called "etna". There also has been a game published called HyperDimension with clothes considered worse than elin. That has been published "T" for teen. It's pretty sad that a teen audience can handle a fictional character when an audience, who is suppose to be much more mature cannot handle a character inside a video-game without linking that character to "pedophilia" or "pornography" or "real life kids".

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Tera Online. It's a wonderful game and it's visually rich. However, Elin has been subjected to unnecessary ridicule by people who simply do not understand that her design is pretty much typical in asian mmo's. If you play asian mmo's, do not be upset if there is an character in it that doesn't wear long pants. Elin is nothing new in these mmo's. Nor is she new in movies and fiction here in the US with a 4.2 million industry alone. But unfortunately under En-Masse she has been treated as a plague and unfortunately players tend to follow what the publisher does without questioning why.

However, what is clearly being skipped in this issue is how En-Masse has handled this situation. Players who have asked about elin had been considerably ignored, their threads and polls locked, and on the older forums they were threatened with bans if they talked about elin. These players have been given bad edits and are expected to put down nearly $50 or close to $100 dollars and are given this for censorship that they did not want in the first place:

This is the end-result. Be realistic, is this something that you would considered "good" for graphic's like Tera-Online? Or does it clearly look like a hash n slash job. Especially compared to the original armors. Players have asked multiple times for better looking edits and this was the recent result from En-Masse calling this "art" at the bottom of the page:


"The elin art you are seeing in beta is final for the launch of TERA. We made the changes based on what we felt was best for this market. Obviously not everyone agrees, but with art it is always a matter of opinion.

I am sorry that we cannot please everyone but this decision is final and we won't be commenting on it anymore officially."

And this is the horrible, evil artwork that En-Masse deemed necessary to censor:


What can be said is this. En-Masse really doesn't care about the quality that they put out for their players. They do not care if they put out products that contain inferior designs to the rest of the game. So do keep in mind that what was done to the elin, will be done under En-Masse's inflexiable narrow rulings whatever future games get published under them.

This particular company may generalize and pretend that anime or the publishers do not exists in the US, but they do much more than what credit has been given to them in this overall situation. En-Masse is a fairly new company in the US and clearly by their actions, they do neither care what they give to their players either it be Elin or not.

#59 Edited by Village_Guy (2817 posts) -

Bah, this whole topic is stupid, while I can understand where the people who support the edit are coming from, I think that they should have done a better job editing it - they do look like something that was hastily and sloppily put together.

Oh and I also think the original artwork was fine, personally I don't see anything sexual about a little girl, and I think the people calling for this change are the ones that might need some help - since they apparently do see something sexual about it.

#60 Posted by falling_fast (2621 posts) -

pedophiles are really angry about this I guess. I don't care at all.

#61 Posted by Beforet (3007 posts) -

I don't really care, but labeling the people who do as pedophiles is both witch huntsy and lazy.

#62 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

But... real little girls don't look like that.

#63 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

@Beforet said:

I don't really care, but labeling the people who do as pedophiles is both witch huntsy and lazy.

So what you're essentially saying is that anyone who's not a pedophile is a lazy witch?

#64 Posted by Beforet (3007 posts) -

@Beforet said:

I don't really care, but labeling the people who do as pedophiles is both witch huntsy and lazy.

So what you're essentially saying is that anyone who's not a pedophile is a lazy witch?

#65 Edited by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

That is some pretty sloppy work on those edits.

And labeling people who care about this as pedophiles is fucking insane. Hell, even if people did like weird, virtual, sexualized lolis I still wouldn't label them as pedophiles.

#66 Edited by reiogo (3 posts) -

En-Masse is locking the elin threads as they have done before. Players still allowed to witch-hunt and call people pedos to the extent that they've created threads celebrating the censorship.

This is one of the worse companies i've seen. I could understand if Tera Online had to be changed if it had a 12+ rating but what they have done is downright intolerance and hypocrisy. I must warn anyone who likes anime or asian mmo's your going to get labeled and witch-hunted by biggot players.

I truly do feel sorry for the players who simply want the game as it was originally without being labeled and discriminated against because they play a anime-inspired character class.

#67 Posted by Shady (511 posts) -

@Atramentous said:

This is todays video game enthusiast.

A little girl?

#68 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

Given that the creator of this thread has since admitted it was nothing more than an attempt to troll our userbase, this doesn't need to continue.


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