Tera sure can talk the talk...

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Has anyone else been paying attention to the ads for this game?

Linky the Link Monster

Now, I understand downplaying your competition in favor of your own product is quite common in marketing, but Tera seems to be coming harder than anyone in recent memory. People thought Rift's "we're not in Azeroth' campaign was pretty ballsy, but this seems to be taking it to a whole 'notha leveI lol. I was curious as to what you guys think about this? Think it's funny, cool, pathetic, bananas, what?

I, for one, am a bit conflicted. I like it to an extent. They seem confident with what they have so that's nice, but something about the commercials just rub me the wrong way. I don't know what it is exactly, but if I had to guess, it'd be that they seem a bit too confident.

I've been seeing a lot of varying opinions on the beta. Some say the action is a nice change, but you're essentially doing the same thing you've been doing in any other mmo. Kill this many dudes with sticks, turn in the quest, go back and kill the bigger dudes with the bigger sticks, raid. Done. Others think it's the second coming of MMOs, which is a little hard to believe, but...you know...opinions and all that shit. Obviously we'll have to wait until it goes live to see how things pan out, but I digress.

What do you think about Tera's marketing campaign? And just for kicks, on a scale of "I don't give a fuck" to "Strap it On" how excited are you?

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That uh, is that the UFC guy? What... why is he? I...

No, I do not like this marketing. This marketing is like early 90s Sega.

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Hey, wasn't that the guy on the TV in Grand Theft Auto 4?
I think this kind of stuff is just a waste. We know it doesn't work, we know people hate it, the only attention it gets is negative attention.. why bother, right?
This guy in the video is pretty fun though. Even though he probably doesn't know anything about MMOs, he's probably real good at selling other stuff.

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Just love it how these trailers make the game look balls to the wall crazy awesome, then you find a gameplay vid and its like yep thats a mmo alright.

Also UFC makes everything more awesome right?..

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I'm going to go ahead and say that "MMO-FO" is more stupid than any of the stupid FAGS and similiar shit from Battlefield and Call of Duty.

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no, honestly
That's some really strange marketing.

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EVE online + Dust514 =

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I didn't know they were making a fantasy MMA MMO? Is that what that ad was telling me?

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So best case scenario from what I can see here this will be GW2 with a monthly sub, hmm...

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My cousin and roommate are in the beta- it's pretty shitty.

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I'm not really an MMO guy but a couple of my friends kept talking about Tera.

I googled it up an saw that "MMO-FO" tardbaggery and immediately decided that I would never play Tera.

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This is kind of gives me douche chills.

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When does Guild Wars 2 come out.

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Seeing as how I'm a soon-to-be paying subscriber of TERA, I have been purposefully avoiding this marketing... it's not for me, and to be honest, I'm concerned the kinds of people it -is- for. I hope it is tongue-in-cheek, but looking over the forums, there's a very good chance I'll avoid a lot of these MMO-FOs by playing on a PvE server.

I was sold on the game from watching Korean Gameplay videos long before this MMO-FO shit started.

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@TooWalrus said:

My cousin and roommate are in the beta- it's pretty shitty.

Great post, very informative with lots of points and counter points to your point. Would love to see more footage and pics, although the first few you posted were truly telling. Thanks!!

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Those commercials are bloody brilliant. I don't know why anyone would hate on them unless they completely lack a funny bone. Do they sell me on the game? HECK NO! I've never in my life been sold on something purely based on a TV add. That would be utterly ignorant. Do they get me interested enough to want to learn about the product? HECK YES! They are balls funny and do there job well.

P.S. "Strap that shit on tight!"

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The game looks alright, kind of like maybe Vindictus but with more variety and more of an open world... but I got bored of Vindictus really fast. Like, an hour and a half fast. So I doubt this would really hold my attention.... Also, I'm done paying monthly for MMOs. I'll buy Guild Wars 2 for that reason if I do decide I want to play an MMO sometime.

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I totally enjoyed that very much actually, glad to see they have a sense of humour instead of releasing generic gameplay trailer that i wouldn't watch again.

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Can tera stop pretending it's the only mmorpg that doesn't use point and click combat. It's getting kind of sad. Just admit that you're not the only gay in the village.

Loading Video...
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heh. bas rutten

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. . . but can Tera walk the walk?

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@Brodehouse said:

That uh, is that the UFC guy? What... why is he? I...

No, I do not like this marketing. This marketing is like early 90s Sega.

early nineties sega and BAS RUTEN kick that asssss. tera is too extreme for you i guess bro!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Bas Rutten is a wonderful spokesman for any product and translates perfectly to Korean MMO's.

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Bas Rutten is THE. SHIT.

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Jeff's gonna flip the fuck out if he sees this.

Hope GB has some GW2 coverage at some point in the near future, it really depresses me how games like Tera and TOR are turning people away from the genre instead of pulling them in.

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This is fucking fantastic.

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Still having a blast in Tera. REALLY like the combat system.

That said....can't wait until Tuesday

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