Which to get Tera or Diablo 3?

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Hello all, been pondering getting a new game for PC and not sure what to get. Currently I play EQ1, DCUO, and a little bit of Torchlight here and there. Looking at Tera it seems to be pretty awesome, however, i travel a lot and was curious if anyone knows if a 3G connection will support Tera at a playable level, ie without too many lag spikes/DC. I loved Diablo 2 and like Torchlight, but I personally tend to enjoy the more social aspects of MMOs. Any thoughts?

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Diablo III

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Too many moving parts in an MMO to work well on that sort of connection. If you really need a lot of social interaction AND don't have many friends playing Diablo III, then I can see a possible argument for Tera. But really, Diablo III.

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Quote tree incoming, take cover. 

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I'd say go Diablo 3, it's only a matter of time before Tera goes F2P. I can't see Diablo 3 going free to play anytime soon :/

TERA is great fun when you can get together with a bunch of people and I'm still enjoying it (when I get around to playing it) but I don't know how it would run on a 3G connection, I'd wager not well.

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I got both, only played one really though. 130 or so hours in Diablo compared to like 20 in Tera.

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Everquest 2...

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Quote tree incoming, take cover.
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Tera is the better game and will last you longer unless you don't mind playing through the same content time and time again (I own and have played both games). The only thing Diablo has to keep you hooked is loot lust and that didn't do it for me past the first time through the rather lackluster story.

Not sure how Tera will work with your connection though.

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Thanks all for the great responses, you have given me much to ponder :D

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