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Terminator Salvation 2

I bought Terminator Salvation yesterday  around 4:30pm and finished the game by 8:00pm that night. It lasted about 3 1/2 to 4 hours and I'm disappointed. That game is too short. All the achievements are level based so there's not real challenge in getting them. You play, or I played as john Conner, militia fighter, fighting for the salvation of humanity. This game takes place before the movie and is an utter disappointment from beginning to end. The terminators are somewhat easy to beat and ther...

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Too small to justify purchase, but is a decent rent. 0

Terminator Salvation is another generic third-person action game. It shouldn't take anyone much longer than five hours to finish, and with the lack of value this game offers, Terminator ultimately feels too small for a full-priced retail game. Terminator does offer some cheap thrills, but they are few and far between. Taking place two years before the movie, you live a day in the life of would-be savior of the human race, John Connor. The plot is next to non-existent, and boils down to John ...

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Short...But Who'd Want it To Be Long? 0

 John Connor, the most pointless hero in the history of movies, is back again. And he's leading the fight against the machines again. Now, Terminator had the launch of their movie (which is apparently good) and had their TV series canceled (which is not good news), so I guess the game is the rubber match in this battle.Well, the game looks really good. The environments look suitably destroyed. And the characters all look really good and they animate wonderfully. The enemies lack variety -...

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Terminated some brain cells. 0

 The Terminator is a childhood classic for me. Violence, gore, steroid men fighting not-so-steroid men, and cool music. This game is none of that. Aside from the mild violence. The game starts out with you, John Conner, learning how to maneuver over an obstacle such as a wall. You're in Los Angeles, California, and things look about the same in 2016. You take your battle across the street to fight aero units. They fly, shoot at you, and make easy targets with the shotgun that you'll find ...

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Games Have Different Purposes 0

Imagine you got a job as a QA tester of a shooter like Resistance 2.  I imagine playing the early alphas of the game you'd experience something with seeds of greatness weighed down with bugs and a feeling of incompleteness.  This is pretty much what I felt about Terminator: Salvation.  The story is terrible, the game mechanics buggy, the action repetitive... yet there's something that works about this game that just might keep you playing for its whole 5 hours of playtime.  And one major bonus.....

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I got me some achievements 0

This is by all definition, a mediocre game.  Its story is not at all memorable.  Set before the events of Terminator Salvation, you take part in a rescue mission that has almost nothing to do with the movie.  On the way to an extraction point, John Conner (or the person I assumed to be John Conner, as I was never really sure who it was) and his unremarkable soldier squad A gets a call from unremarkable soldier squad B saying they are stranded in indistinguishable Skynet camp C.  Despite his comm...

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Terminator Salvation: Another notch in the belt of bad movie game 0

    I am SO thankful I decided to rent this game for 2 days instead of three. The only reason I can see people play this game is to get some quick, easy achievements, even though you don't get that many and you still have to play through the game.   Set as a prequel to the movie, you're obviously playing as John Connor, only you look nor sound anything like Christian Bale, yet every other character has the same likeness. The game is a complete knock off of Gears of War. You can even tell by look...

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Rather boiled alive than playing Terminator Salvation again... 0

In the beginning of June, Terminator returns to cinemas around the world in the movie Terminator Salvations. Arnold Schwarzenegger is long gone, but at least we'll get Christian Bale in the role of John Connor. Warner Bros. thought it might be a good idea to give us a nice, little game to have fun with as we wait for the movie, and luckilly for all of us, the swedish developer Grin has been kind enough to give us exactly that. Well, except for the fun part of it.You'll never really catch the sto...

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Salvagable, perhaps worth a rent... 0

           Terminator: Salvation, is a 3rd person shooter based on the movie of the same name (Yeah, you know where this is going...). Its follows the story of John Connor, a survivor of judgment day, trying to overcome the machine menace.             The graphics for this game are acctually pretty good in both night and day, the character models are what you expect from a movie game, though. But overall, the graphics are above average.              As for gameplay, though... UGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH...

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Terminator Salvation Review - Someone save me from the suck! 0

  Terminator Salvation is a third person shooter based on the film of the same name, but seems to be influenced by Gears of War more than the film itself. The game is developed by Halcyon Games and GRIN, who also released a re-envisioned Bionic Commando on the same day as Terminator Salvation. The game takes place between Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation, following John Conner and his team through a Skynet controlled war zone. John Conner was played by Christan Bale in...

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Dumb-dumb-dumb-dumbdumb! 0

With every big movie released, there is inevitably a game released alongside it.  With very few exceptions these games are shallow, shameless rip – offs of popular games and used as a way to cash in on the movie when it reaches the peak of its popularity.  The problem with these tie-in games is that they are nearly always substandard and rushed onto store shelves.  Terminator Salvation fits all of these categories and then some.  It is just a shameless marketing ploy in an attempt to both drum u...

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WHY? 0

 Terminator Salvation is a third person cover shooter based on the movie. It is a complete waste of time a has no business trying to be sold for 60 bucks. The story of the game takes place a couple of years before the movie, You play as John Connor. The story is way too simple. The entire story is that you disobey orders to go save some fellow soldiers. Well what problems do i have with the story. Well first off Christian Bale is not in the game. Second the climatic moments in the story are a jo...

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