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The Terran Confederacy was formed after the people of Tarsonis settled several worlds to hold unity. Umojan and Moria, the other major worlds refused to join the Confederacy to remain sovereign from Tarsonian rule. The Confederacy prospered and settled many worlds in the generations that followed its establishment. Its leaders were all members of the Old Families; bloodlines dating back to the original Terran leaders that settled Tarsonis. They ruled the Tarsonian Council, and many of them were rich, greedy, and corrupt politicians or military officers in high ranking positions. When Arcturus Mengsk's father spoke out againt their corruption they tried to assassinate his family. After years of friction with Korhal; the jewel of the Confederacy, it declared independence. The Confederates new that if Crown Jewel openly rebelled, other worlds would follow. The Tarsonian Council gave the order to launch hundreds of Apocalypse-class nuclear warheads to the surface of Korhal. The planet was left an unpopulated wasteland and over 35 million people were killed. Arcturus Mengsk who was off-world swore vengeance and formed the Sons of Korhal. For years they supported open rebellion and conducted terrorist acts againt the Confederacy, and eventually brought the destruction of its capitol; Tarsonis. What remained of the Confederacy was absorbed into the new Terran Dominion.

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