How the hell do you do multiplayer terraria

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My friend and I have been trying for nearly an hour now, we have no idea how to do it. When we exchange IP addresses it sticks on the connecting screen forever. How is a modern game this fucking hard to get multiplayer going.

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You run the server, then connect to the ip. I've had no issues doing this with my friend.

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Terraria has a weird way of setting up a multiplayer server. The easy way out is ofcourse using hamachi. Download it and find some instructions about setting it up, I personally prefer port forwarding, but tha is a little harder to set up, to port forward u must first creat a static ip and stuff. I would try and use hamachi, its the easiest.

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Good question, it's damn near impossible.

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One person runs the TerrariaServer console app, the other person conects to it. Make sure whatever port you are using is forwarded.
No issues here at all.

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its default port is 7777. if you're behind a router you need to have the port forwarded to the machine hosting the game. if you have a firewall it needs to allow that port.

you have the option of host & play from within the regular game, but then the host can't use the disconnect / reconnect trick to quickly get back to the spawn point. the other option is to download the dedicated server from — i haven’t actually run that yet but a friend of mine did and i connected to it fine.

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