Looking for a Server to join

#1 Posted by KingRedWing (46 posts) -

I just recently got back into Terraria and I would like to play online with some people from the Giantbomb community. I've read the other threads on the servers, and they really aren't what I would like to play on. I would rather start fresh and find all the new items from scratch. If any of you have a fairly new server then I would like to join.

#2 Posted by Gizmo (5467 posts) -

Ditto, i'd also be interested in a Giantbomb Terraria server.

Say, Jeff is pretty good at setting up game servers, and he also likes Terraria.

#3 Posted by Jbumpkins (13 posts) -

My friend has a pretty good server. Pretty crazy server. Golden houses. Golden armor. Golden Life.

The IP is

The port is 7777

Password is gublin

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