New boss added, also: last week's update.

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Anybody run into King Slime yet? Looks fucking crazy. After last week's update, I booted up Terraria this weekend and got hooked all over again. 
I'd kinda put the game on hold since I stalled out at gold tier gear. Couldn't get Eye of Cthulhu killed before sunrise, either. 
In short order, I busted open a shadow orb that gave me the ball 'o hurt and immediately summoned the Eater of Worlds. After making short work of the Eater of Worlds and getting a buttload of Demonite I was pretty much right back in it. Currently torn between hitting the jungle and getting hellstone. Whenever I get frustrated with one, I'll bounce back to the other.
I like the addition of vanity items, and the indication that they're going to be adding more bosses in the months to come.  
Totally have a bunny head and a fish bowl, too.
#2 Posted by owl_of_minerva (1485 posts) -

Yeah I've enjoyed the game a lot but am waiting for more substantial content that what was last added. Need new environments or goals now that I've got most of the best equipment and beat Skeletron.

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King Slime is dope.

#4 Posted by SSully (4575 posts) -

Go for the jungle. Make yourself a jungle grappling hook or whatever it is called. I just started a new character and world and lets just say it is a real bitch not having my jungle grappling hook.

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"King Slime" boss

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