Seems Terraria Is Coming to XBLA, PSN "Soon"

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#51 Posted by Mr_JPeps (167 posts) -

This is great!!!

#52 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2504 posts) -

Couldn't get into this game on the PC, can't imagine I'll fare any better with a gamepad. Godspeed to them tho.

#53 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Thats great, as a Mac owner I could never play it, it seems really cool.

#54 Posted by Tarquinn2049 (14 posts) -

@Uberdubie said:

This was a fantastic, endlessly fun game for me. My only criticism is how awhile ago "many" additional updates/upgrades were promised (all for free) with new items, biomes, weather, new bosses and much more; some of this was even teased in pictures posted by the developer. But then it never happened, and development suddenly stopped seemingly out of nowhere for the PC version. Many who bought the game counting on these upgrades felt betrayed, and rightfully so. I have no doubt most fans would've been happy to pay additionally for it.

Leads me to believe whatever was being withheld may be the "brand new content" mentioned above.

This is exactly the reason the PC crowd is somewhat upset by the news. I'm completely fine with it coming to consoles, honestly there are some things that'll make more sense with those controls. But I really hope they also release the new content to the PC version as well, even if we have to pay. Just sucks seeing the work in progress for it and having them say it's coming, then one day they post that work has stopped on the game and they have all "moved on".

#55 Posted by JoshingMad (10 posts) -

If Redigit didn't make those promises before his sudden departure, I wouldn't have wanted his head.

#56 Posted by Soral (32 posts) -

Only one page in and someone already used to word entitlement. You can set your watch to it.

#57 Posted by mortface (110 posts) -

What are the other games created in Minecraft's wake?

#58 Edited by CircleNine (380 posts) -

It'll be weird to see how it controls without a mouse. Like it was already kind of finicky where you had to precisely mouse over the block you wanted to mine or dig out. I wonder if they'll change it a bit and make it so if you're digging horizontally it'll just dig out a 3 tall chunk and 2 wide chunk for vertically rather than making you move whatever the cursor equivalent will be directly over the block you want to dig. It already felt like kind of a slog to have to do that on PC, it'd be horrible to have to do that with a controller where it isn't near as precise.

#59 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

@SamDrugbringer said:

I can see why the PC gamers are upset though, it sounds like they won't be getting the new content, and that can sting.

That's a pretty shitty thing to do. I don't think people understand why they are upset. They just assume "oh they're PC gamers, must be more elitist bullshit!"

#60 Posted by DryvBy (236 posts) -

@CharAznable said:

This game was incredibly fun on PC, so I'm glad that more people can experience it.

The apparent backlash from PC gamers is so fucking dumb. Quit crying about it being ported. The game is great as it is, and provides way more stuff to do than in Minecraft.

This. I'm a long time PC supporter but my fellow PC gamers need to quit crying. Porting it is taking nothing away from our experience.

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@mortface said:

What are the other games created in Minecraft's wake?

Mostly weird PC stuff and crappy mobile clones. But I found this list of more actual games:

.. But I get what you're saying (I think), it seems like a pretty lazy way to start the article. But also, Terraria kinda did that to itself, just look at the Dig Deeper blurb for it, "Essentially MInecrtaft in 2D" .. it's the only way anyone knows how to refer to this game

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Well each to his own, I'm not particularly rustled by this. Even if I play it on the pc.

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