Terraria Server

#1 Posted by MisterFaulkner (56 posts) -

I started my own Terraria server, hopefully to get more Giantbomb people playing. Right now, it's only active when I am active, but I could open it up longer if people are interested. Let me know if you're interested in joining.

#2 Edited by YaroGR (7 posts) -

I'm interested ... im not a Giantbomb ''people'' but i want to play in your server ... i like a small group ... so we play together

if u have Skype sent my a PM ther my name is yarogreen im from belguim 17years old 18 in 21/02

or sent my your info here

#3 Posted by CommodoreGroovy (572 posts) -

Yeah, I'd also be interested in playing with you guys. Send me some info and I'll see you guys there.

#4 Posted by MisterFaulkner (56 posts) -

I will be turning on the server within an hour. We'll see how it goes.

#5 Posted by YaroGR (7 posts) -

would you by on Skype ??? ... ;


#6 Posted by YaroGR (7 posts) -

so im i in time to join ???

#7 Posted by MisterFaulkner (56 posts) -

Server is open

#8 Edited by YaroGR (7 posts) -

what IP ??? ... no IP = bad

#9 Posted by DeF (5212 posts) -

I'd like to check in too. My world is pretty lonely and the deep dark holes I keep digging don't bring up anything particularly pretty either :)

#10 Posted by YaroGR (7 posts) -

yeah its open but he didn't tell us the IP ... so

#11 Posted by MisterFaulkner (56 posts) -

Sorry guys, PM for the IP

#12 Posted by DeF (5212 posts) -

so are we supposed to PM you or are you gonna PM us? :D

#13 Posted by chrswk (5 posts) -

I'm interested, sent you a PM.

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