Ventrilo Server for the Official(ish) Server!

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Hey guys. To make it easier for everyone to get together and play, I'm going to be hosting a Vent server along with Terraria. Exact same address/password as the Terraria server, just use the default port in Vent.

I've switched over to a TeamSpeak server as I didn't realize before that Ventrilo has a hard-limit of 8 people unless you pay for them to host the server. The server now has a limit of 100 people. And if you don't know what TeamSpeak is, head on over to and check it out.

  • Connect to:
  • Password: apple


I should be on almost all the time. Though if I'm at work, (8am-4:30pm EST, Mon-Fri) I will only use that chat and will not speak.

If you run into any issues, either: (in order of how fast I'll likely notice the message)

  • Email me at
  • Add me on steam: _nephilim_
  • Message me here on Giantbomb
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Server is now up. Feel free to join whenever.

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