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Biggest dissapointment in pc indie games

Terraria is a brand new surprise attack of a game that appeared brand new a few weeks ago. It took the internet by surprise and showed everyone what they could do with the minecraft formula. But can this sneak attack of a video game live up to the high hopes of gamers up in this place? Lets find out.

Right off the bat there is something odd about this game. It just resembles to much of minecraft. The game clearly lifts everything right from notch's previous work. Ignoring that, the game starts off with you collecting shrooms (for later) and fighting this guy in a gray suit. But he is immune to weapons. So you have to dig a hole under him until he drowns. But then you can't get any of his loot, what a lame start. You can then go chop up some trees. But you use a wooded axe to chop it down? I don't think wood can chop down wood, but this game lets you do it anyway. Its confusing. The only enemies in the game are these blobs of boogers. They are very easy and boring to fight with. I dont understand why they are even in the game. You can build a house but its only a box, and the box is small. The building is very limited and not something to spend your time on.

The graphics are bad, Super Nintendo quality stuff. The music sounds like a broken Bubble Bobble record and when you get hit you sound like a turkey.

After that the only thing left to do is explore the stage. Unfortunately the level design is disappointing at best. The stage is nothing but rolling hills covered in random grass and trees. Sometimes there is a booger enemy or something, but there is no reason to be worried by them because they are so easy to fight. Sometimes there is water but you cant swim so it only slows you down, making it worthless. At the end there is finally a dungeon to go in, but when you get in there suddenly there is a new enemy that kills you in one hit! Then you have to go through the level AGAIN. What a waste!

Overall, this game isn't worth anything, not even the 10 dollars on steam. Don't bother. Here's the video review.   

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Posted by thewalrus430

I herd that this game was suposed 2 be grate... but they took miecraft and removed 1 dimension and didnt even put any efford into the game? how do they expect us 2 pay for this? thank for the warning bro, will no tbuy this game

Posted by TheModestLunatic
@thewalrus430: Because it is a seriously good game. If you don't like the minecraft style, then you probably won't like it. But it IS the next step up from minecraft.
Posted by Rahkas

Yeah, I don't know whether or not to take you, or your website, seriously. If you were purposely ignoring major parts of the game to sound "funny' as you complained about it, then it came off worse than many of KaosAngel's attempts at humor. Please ignore the review people, while the game may not be perfect, it's better to check out other reviews where they know what's actually going on.

Edited by opp

This isn't even funny. Either you are incredibly stupid or you have a really bad sense of humor. I'm not going to say more, since this was probably (hopefully) a troll. 
Please read another review before you decide whether you are gonna buy this or not.

Posted by LiquidPenguins

Great review! It's about time a REAL journalist told it to us straight.

Posted by timelessthee


Posted by DragonBloodthirsty

You ignored everything in the game and murdered the guide who helps you find things to do.

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