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Ya gotta have brass balls just to pick one of these monsters up. Kick's like [a] mule, but she'll cut a jackboot into Kraut confetti in two seconds flat. 

Above is a quote from Sean Devlin himself about the fictional German MP60. The weapon is classed as an SMG, despite appearing more similar to an assault rifle or carbine, at the very least. It contains a sixty-round drum magazine, and has heavy recoil. The weapon is similar to the stereotypical minigun, in the sense that it spools up. When firing, the fire rate increases until it reaches its maximum.
The MP60 is wielded only by the Nazi Terror Squad. It has a high power, high rate of fire, and high threat when wielded against Sean. When encountered it is generally a good idea to seek out cover, or risk being cut into pieces by multiple MP60s opening up at once.  


  • The MP60 naming convention is a historical anachronism. It is based on the MP40, which stands for 'Maschinenpistole 1940', or 'Machine Pistol 1940'. For the MP60 name to be correct, the weapon would have to have been put into production in 1960, close to 20 years before the events of the game. Odds are, the weapon was called this due to the size of the magazine.


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