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The player takes to the controls of a diving bell in order to eradicate an alien infestation in the depths of the famous Loch Ness in Scotland.
All the controls of the submersible are laid out in in front of you in a flight sim-esque cockpit view and all the various switches, valves and wheels must be operated by hand.  For instance, the air supply must be periodically topped up by moving the hand over to the bellows on the left of the cockpit and pumping it up and down by moving the joystick accordingly.
In order to confront the enemies frequenting the Loch, the player can fire harpoons or use one of the small supply of bombs.  The enemies will also try to attack you by attaching themselves to the outside of the diving bell.  In that case, you can switch your view to look out of the window of each of the four sides of the vessel and, once the leeching enemy is located, send out an electric shock to detach it.

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