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Terry Higgins is the childhood friend of Marcus Reed's father, Isaiah. When they grow up, they have different paths: Terry becomes a cop while Isaiah becomes a kingpin of crime. Despite that, the two have a strong friendship.
He first encounter Marcus when he is betrayed by Kev Lar and his gang. Terry saves him, but is not liking Marcus' method of killing. Because of that, he warns him that this is the last time he is going to save his life or he will be in the mercy of the NYPD for the rest of his life.
In 5 years later, Terry has recruited Marcus to the police force. In one night, he drives him to see his friend, Isaiah, to show him that Marcus has become a cop. After that, Terry goes to an abandoned place to deliver something. However, an explosion occurs, presumably killed there.


In the good cop ending, Terry appears to Marcus, much to the latter's surprise and discovering that he is the mole of OCU. When Terry tells him to leave with him, Marcus refuses. Angered, Terry gives pictures to Marcus of his rampage 5 years ago just in case if he tries to reveal Terry's secret. The two fight in the train. Terry manages to remove one car connecting to the train so that he can escape. However, he is killed in an explosion when Marcus causes the train to flip over. His body is shown dragged away by the doctors.
In the bad cop ending, Terry appears to Marcus where the latter has already known that the former is the mole of OCU. Terry asks Marcus why did he killed Victor if he knows that he is innocent. Marcus replies that he never liked Victor anyway. Angered by Terry's treachery, he shoots him in the head, killing him.

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