Did Patches and DLCs really improve the game?

#1 Posted by chan05 (375 posts) -

Hi folks, 
so i wanted to buy this game but it had so many problems at the beginning that i didn't. Have the patches and the free DLC made this game worth buying or is it still flawed?

#2 Posted by TheKeyboardDemon (822 posts) -

Yes, patches fixed issues, added new features and made the game generally better. It is worth getting, I've not played it in a while, have been meaning to go back to it though. It is the driving/racing game I have most enjoyed recently, IMHO it was much better than NFS: Hot Pursuit.
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I'm in the same boat as the thread host. The ammount of bad press the game got at launch with all the problems made me look away from the game for a while.

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Yes, the patches did fix a lot of the issues the game had. Even before the patches came out I found it to be quite enjoyable. I would definitely recommend picking it up! I was glued to it for a solid 2 months or so.

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@tds418: How is the AI? In the reviews i watched the AI was so bad that you didnt see them again after the first 10 seconds of the race.
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@chan05 The AI never struck me as being terrible. Certainly there are some races where you'll win by huge amounts (especially if you've upgraded your car to a high level), but there were certainly races that I had a lot of difficulty winning as well. It's a mixed bag, but it doesn't really hurt the game.

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@chan05: Don't get the game, the vehicle handling is terrible (even if you adjust it). Nobody better @ reply me about this statement either, that's not an invitation. Plus you need money to do things but you will have a hard time once you beat all the challenges or lose interest in progression due to the annoying driving schools.

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I never had any issues with the handling, it made more sense than the handling in Hot Pursuit. Driving schools were annoying, but I got through them with help from Youtube and I now have every car in the game (not including additional dlc/special editions).
I found the Casino was a great way to get extra money and won 2 cars there.

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Yeah, the handling didn't bother me after a couple hours of play.

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@mfpantst: Oh darn. 8P

Okay maybe I was a little harsh... It's still a bit fun driving around, and thanks @TheKeyboardDemon: for the YouTube tip. The multiplayer racing is hard to get a match for, but I don't know if that's only for certain times of the day.

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Its damn cheap on steam, my urges to buy a racing wheel are coming back. :P

#13 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -
@afrofools: Is it 'fun'?  And is it pretty on the PC?
#14 Posted by afrofools (1338 posts) -

@mfpantst: It's worth the price it is on Steam, but I play on the 360 console. It can be pretty bland but it's all-right for the price on Steam.

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@afrofools: cool- good to know.  Fortunately the new CD keys for the summer sale don't work so I won't find out until later if the game is good.  Glad that happened to remind me I should be doing other things!

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