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What is this!?!?!?!

    Ok this game is...maby the worst peice of crap since THQ's trucker we have been fooled into buying this game i dont even want to mention all the bugs in the game but there are a large ammount and some are even game breaking, now some of you are like wait a min the 1st game was really good what do you mean this one is bad, well this game is crap it hardly works they tried to make "real life physics" but they nearly all handle like boats with almost no breaks...the "real life" there going for only works sometimes and even then its not to fun to race in, anyways in this review i'll first talk about its flaws and last i'll talk about its well...its silver lining 
Anyways time for the horrible news, this game is just pure bad it has a chance to become great but at everyturn i find it harder and harder to play first off you might have seen the ads talking about online play well yes it does have online play it just dosent work 90% you cant connect to your friends and nearly all multiplayer features are down such as clubs/guilds theres a exploit that can land you some major money which you should not recieve which in turn messes up the club economy and makes your club rich, mulitplayer races are hardly worth the trouble to even connect to them most races will land you 2 grand...which gets you a car wash with 500$ left over. drifting is almost non-existant in this game except in off-road cars where drifting is great and well done but all and all they missed the point in a arcadeish simmer game, now they also dont have many cars in the game they must have lost there go ahead from the car company to use certin cars because some dealers only have 2 cars...while there are 10 to 12 spots, motorbikes are also NOT in this game and are currently planned to be released as DLC there waiting becuase there making the "real life" physics for them...which is scaring me.  also things mentioned in the E3 interview dont exist in this game one such thing is the yacht's yes you can buy them but your supposed to be able to drive them or at least take them back and fourth between the island but this is not possible. 
another bad thing is the cop/outlaw races offline since you can only be the outlaw as soon as it starts you are mobbed by 10 or more cops and if you manage to dodge them they start to spawn ahead and within miliseconds will turn infront of you with in-human precision and dont even think about going offroad they will call a heli to insta capture you, this game also has horrible voice acting but is forgivable since this is a racing game and not based on talking, also they have this DLC for a casino that was avaliable day 1 or 2 hard to tell depends on what system well it hardly works its a little better now that they fixed there servers (only took them a week and some change) but back when it wasent working you would sometimes disconnect in the middle of a poker game and all of your money on the table poofed into the unknown causing you to sometimes lose insaine ammounts or roulette by far the biggest gamble ever sometimes you win...but...it dosent give you your winnings or dosent recognize your bet was correct. 
currently at this time feb 17th 2 weeks after the game came out we are still waiting for half of the game which would be the online part playing with friends, clubs, and crusing with your pals but we still cant they are testing some patch that will take 24 damn hours to test this is there message to a player on twitter " @ xelence Hey there - we're still on track for the last update. QA testing on the next patch should continue for another day" whats taking them so damn long to test a patch? 
And now for the good part, the game is pretty detailed with the cars insides and outsides being rendered pretty well and the maps are huge there is lots to explore although inbetween theres not much just crusin room the game has some side missions that do get old after quite sometime but are good to break from griding or cruising, houses are done pretty well even if you cant interact with the chairs sofa just your tv and its only weather for the game or news, and well...thats about it :( 
IGN gave them a 5.5 recently while a drunk guy in gameinformer gave it a 8.5, i dont know what GI was thinking and i think IGN was being nice i personally give them a 2/10 because compaired to TDU 1 this game is shit and should not be on store shelves i might change my mind once everything is working correctly but until then its a fair score...this game has left a stain on atari and eden's rep as one of the worst games ever

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