funnyman22's Tetris Attack (Game Boy) review

Tetris Attack struggles on the Game Boy

I must admit: I had high hopes for Tetris Attack for the Game Boy when I found it on eBay. After all, the SNES version had been a personal favorite of mine for years, and I figured the game play was simple enough that the transition to a hand held system wouldn't detract from the experience. Unfortunately, I was pretty wrong.

While the gameplay has been carried over exactly as it was on the SNES, there are a lot of minor details that get lost in translation. First and foremost, the screen is simply too small to accommodate the game. This may not be apparent to a beginner to the game, but more advanced players will quickly get frustrated with the fact that chains simply can't be as large on the Game Boy as they were on the SNES, and that only makes it feel like the game is holding you back from your true game play potential.

The controls are a bit clumsy, and as a result the rythmn that the SNES game enjoyed doesn't seem to exist on the Game Boy version. The lack of colors takes away from the personality of the game, as well as adds to the difficulty of quickly identifying what blocks should go where. Add to that the fact that some of the singleplayer game modes didn't make it to the Game Boy, and that getting a multiplayer game going is inherently more difficult on handheld systems, and you'll more than likely be left with the conclusion that this game doesn't hold the same magic as it's SNES counterpart.


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