Tetris Axis does NOT have infinite spin.

#1 Posted by JJOR64 (19584 posts) -

So I thought I would share this news since it's pretty major and I know Ryan hates it. Infinite spin does NOT exist in this game. Once a piece gets to the bottom of the screen/on top of another piece, you can only keep it alive for a few seconds, then the piece gets placed. Sure the leniency is still there to an extent, but you can no longer do it forever which is a huge change to Tetris.

For those of you that don't know, this is where the controversy all began.

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#2 Posted by ViciousAnchovy (830 posts) -

Still hilarious, even back then. Thank you.

#3 Posted by TehFlan (1954 posts) -

Oh, cool.

#4 Posted by ahgunsillyo (477 posts) -

Young Jeff and Young Soulpatch Ryan are broken by broken Tetris Worlds.

#5 Posted by Enigma777 (6251 posts) -

And young Ryan continues to creep me the fuck out. 

#6 Posted by adoggz (2081 posts) -

fuck this shit! tetris axis is ruining tetris.

#7 Posted by JJOR64 (19584 posts) -

@ahgunsillyo said:

Young Jeff and Young Soulpatch Ryan are broken by broken Tetris Worlds.

Maybe that's why Ryan has a beard now. He was so broken from this awful game that he had to grow a grief beard.

#8 Posted by Arestice (477 posts) -

Young Jeff and Young Ryan are so cute!

#9 Posted by CozmoD (17 posts) -

I wonder if this video had to be converted from a realmedia file to be uploaded onto youtube.

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