Currently trying to cap Basic Tetris

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I'm trying to see how far Basic Tetris goes.

I'm at 162 All Clear, 2242 Lines, Level 15, 6,923,172 points, and 74 minutes game time

I'm thinking the game can get up to 999 Million or at least 1 Billion points. As for lines, I think it caps at 9,999. Game time might cap at 99 Minutes... not sure.

Very boring, but I have nothing better to do. :(


The timer caps at 99'59"99 and the game speed caps at level 15.
10,283,922 Points, 3097 Lines, 253 All Clear.

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Ugh, I gave up at 21,000,000 points. It just got so boring and I didn't want to keep my Wii on all day.

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