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If you had to buy only one version of Tetris, make it this one 0

Let's face it: We're all a bunch of Tetris addicts. Some of us to point where the mere fact that it's Tetris is enough to sell us on it (like me). Which probably explains why a new version or two is released every year, almost as if they're attempting to place Tetris on every platform imaginable. And if so, then they are definitely making progress. As it has almost made its way onto all the current generation platforms, save Sony's PlayStation 3.  While the Wii's debut Tetris title, Tetris Party...

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Binge Gamer Review: Tetris Party 0

Review: Tetris Party By Mike Masashi Murakami III • October 20, 2008 [Edit] Tetris, the greatest game ever created, has finally hit the Wii. With the Xbox 360 already having two different Tetris games (three counting Japan), it is quite a puzzle why we haven’t already seen a release at the least via Virtual Console. To make up for all this lost time without Tetris, Hudson has come through and brought a WiiWare version of the game for 1200 points, bringing with it a lot of bells and whis...

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Good entry in Tetris franchise, but falls short in online play... 0

 Tetris...with Miis! Another puzzle game has been released on WiiWare?! There are a couple of sure things in life. The sun will come out at some point. The sky will always be blue. Puzzle games will be consistently released on WiiWare. WiiWare is home to tons of cheap, cash-in, puzzle games that will never be remembered (with the exception of World of Goo). There is one puzzle game though that seems to stand the test of time, no matter where or when it is released. Yes, I’m ...

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A brand new way to enjoy Tetris! 0

Tetris has been here for a long period of time. Now, the mother of all puzzle games is back in a whole new way! This time, it's on the console that we all know and love, Wii! Alexey Pajitnov probably did not know what kind of game that he has created, but it has become well known and extremely popular. Today it's one of the best legendary puzzle games that have ever been created. Tetris has had its ups and downs through the years, but it has now reached a peak. Tetris Party for Wii is not only f...

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