Best PC Tertis/Clone?

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Seeing the new PS3 version has put me in the mood for some Tetris.
Must have block slamming, block holding, and those nifty little outlines of the blocks at the bottom so you can make decisions faster. 
Online multilayer not necessary but would be nice.  
Also the theme of the graphics is important, don't want anything ugly like Tetrinet.

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@Akrid said:
" this. "
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Tetris Friends really is the go-to place these days for free (official) Tetris with online multiplayer and a good amount of variety in the gameplay modes. I still play it fairly regularly myself, having been a series addict since high school. The other main Tetris game I'd say is worth considering on the PC these days is probably Heboris, since it has downloadable gameplay modes that let you recreate specific rule variants from Tetris' history. That aspect is only really great if you're a crazy Tetris fan like me who enjoys a round of Tetris: The Grand Master, but the core Tetris gameplay is still recreated quite well all around.

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