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Tetrisphere is a different game from its own kind.

Tetrisphere is overall a great game. It's really one of the better puzzle games that Nintendo has released. The game is really fun and addicting, and it can satisfy any type of gamer. It's not as famous or well known as Tetris, but it provides gameplay similar to Tetris. Instead of falling shapes and fusing them to make lines disappear, Tetrisphere is a game where you eliminate Tetris pieces by matching them with the shape you are provided with. Tetris makes you use pieces where you have to shape them in order to get it where you want it. In Tetrisphere, the pieces are fused together, and all you need to do is to get rid of them! There is a good selection of music in Tetrisphere, but there aren't options on what background you want. You can customize your sphere by selecting how many layers you want, shapes you want to use, and the percentage of light you want shown in order to complete it. You can use special items to help you eliminate Tetris blocks. I give Tetrisphere for the Nintendo 64 a great score of 4/5. There are a few things that I think that could have been in this game. The game can be repetitive just like its sister game Tetris. More modes could have made the game a little more interesting. If this game ever come out on VC for Wii, it would well be worth your money. If Nintendo releases an updated version of Tetrisphere for WiiWare, it could be a hit if they add online, Mii and multiplayer support along with my other suggestions for atmosphere and modes. It was great back in the day, and it still can be and still is today. Tetrisphere is a different game of its own kind.
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