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Tetsuwan Atom is an action platforming game developed by Zamuse and published by Banpresto for the Super Famicom (SNES) platform. Tetsuwan Atom was only released in Japan. Tetsuwan Atom is the second video game to feature Astro Boy, the popular manga/anime character.


In Tetsuwan Atom the player takes control of Astro Boy. Astro Boy has a variety of attacks and moves to navigate through the levels. There are eight total levels in Astro Boy, most of which have an end boss that must be defeated to move on to the next level.


  • D-Pad - The d-pad is used to move Astro Boy left or right as well as crouch. When Astro Boy is crouched down, left or right can also be pressed to make him crawl. Holding down on the d-pad in combination with pressing the B button can also make Astro Boy execute a low punch.
Astro Boy Performing an Air Dash
  • A Button - The A button is used to make Astro Boy jump into the air. Once Astro Boy is flying in the air, the A button can also be pressed to make him perform an air dash move.
  • B Button - The B button makes Astro Boy punch. The punch move has a small range, but is the only attack available besides the air dash.
  • R/L/X Buttons - The R, L, and X buttons are all used to make Astro Boy fly. The button must be held to charge a meter before flying.

Power Ups

There are three different item power ups that can be collected throughout the game.

One of the Energy Canisters
  • Heart - The hearts are used to increase Astro Boy's maximum health, which starts out at three.
  • Energy Canisters - The energy cans are used to refill Asto Boy's health that has been drained. There are two different energy canisters that can be found. One of the canisters refills just two of the hearts, while the other canister will refill all of the depleted hearts.
  • Astro Girl - There are pick ups that can be sometimes found that will summon Astro Girl. One the item has been collected Astro Girl will fly across the screen and drop an item to be collected. This item can be either one of the two energy cans or it can be an extra life.


The First Boss in the Game

There are a total of six end level bosses in Tetsuwan Atom. Most of the boss characters in the game move quickly, while Astro Boy moves fairly slow. Astro Boy's air dash maneuver is most often the only way to damage the bosses without taking damage.

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