Will the PSN Hack Sway Tetsuya Nomura To the Xbox?

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Sup fools,

As many of you have heard in the countless topics about PSN being hacked, PSN was hacked.  Developers have their opinons on it, and I won't be providing what they said (you can do that on your own).  However, there has been one developer who has been quiet on it, that of course is the creator of Kingdom Hearts and the sole person responsible for Final Fantasy Versus XIII...Tetsuya Nomura.

Tetsuya Nomura has often been on record saying he would never make a game for the Xbox, back in the PS2 and PS3 era.  He also stated he prefers to make games for one console only, Nomura loves making exclusives for Nintendo and Sony.  However, PSN was hacked...and who knows how this affected the development of Versus XIII!  

With that said, could PSN being hacked affect the way Nomura feels about Sony's security and his faith in SCEJ?  
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Definitely not. Keep Versus on the PS3, I don't want the game to be broken down so it can fit on 360 discs.

Then again Mistwalker did a good job of breaking up Lost Odyssey...
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yes, he needs to go to a console where all the rich online features for his games can be fully realized without downtime

oh wait, he makes fucking jrpgs

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Unless there is a multiplayer mode to Versus XIII that I don't know about then I don't think he gives a shit.

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Your obsession with this man continues to unsettle me.

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@onimonkii said:
" oh wait, he makes fucking jrpgs "
Action JRPGs, for the record, Nomura has never made a proper JRPG.  
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If he moves to the Xbox then I am pretty sure the XBL will go down in flames as well. He better stay away.
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I don´t really thinks makes any diffence really , that would be cool tough but this man its pretty busy so I much preffer he stays with at Sony , PSN has noting to do with the games he works on so, unless theres a "The world Ends with You secuel for the consoles that uses online to scan noises in large areas a la PS Home" I don´t think he´ll moving to 360 or other console becuase of this problem 

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