New Tex Murphy game (Project Fedora) Kickstarted to life

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@PandaBear: Wow sweet :) Didn't think they would make it... glad it turned out ok :D.

#3 Posted by flindip (546 posts) -

I am really happy about this. But I would think they should go the voice acting tell tale route. Saves the budget, and they can concentrate on game mechanics. The full motion video stuff is probably unnecessary today. Although Chris still looks like he can play the part still.

#4 Posted by synthesis_landale (133 posts) -

I'm glad they went the FMV route, I somehow can't imagine a polygon Tex that would have the same look and feel of Chris' acting. Not to mention, it would be nice to remind people that there WAS good FMV games. Maybe then people would realize that just because something has FMV in it does not mean it is bad and we might see more of it.

Of course, there's the scary possibility that Digital Pictures would suddenly come back and start making their crud again... *shudder*

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