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Thaisamba is a boss that appears many times throughout the Goemon series. He usually appears in giant robot battles with Impact as an enemy. His appearance is a strange combination of a man wearing a fish hat with robotic arms and flippers. The colors on his body vary between which numbered version of him is attacking. Considering he is identified as a mermaid in his subtitle, all of his battles take place in or around water.

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

This Can't Be Good
Thaisamba 2 appears in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon directly after completing Gourmet Submarine Castle. He starts with 2000 health and makes for an erratic target as he swims back and forth pulling jumps or diving underwater. After a few passes he will be ready to fight. He can launch two types of projectiles, one of which is a volley of brightly colored balls while the other is a wave of fish-shaped torpedoes. If he doesn't use those, he will dive underwater to try and pop up close for a strike with his hammer.
He's Gonna Ram Us!
The fight will move underwater when Thaisamba 2 is close to half-health. The water makes it harder to see, and he will swim off into the distance only to come charging back for a head ram. He also gains another new attack that creates a waterspout to engulf Impact. This reduces vision to zero, effectively hiding Thaisamba 2 completely. Ball projectiles will fly in from all sides before he reappears for a quick physical strike.

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