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Thalion was started in 1988 by Eric "ES" Simon  from the demo group The Exceptions, and Holger Flöttmann.
The goal of the company was to create games that were cutting edge technology-wise and they sure succeeded in doing that with many of their games.

After some time, other demo groups also joined Thalion Software. Here are all the demo groups working at Thalion Software:

  • The Carebears (TCB)
  • The Lost Boys (TLB)
  • The Exceptions (TEX)
  • TNT Crew
  • Quartermass Experiment
  • Gigabyte Crew

Chainsaw Massacre of a Carebear by The Lost Boys
One interesting thing to note is that before this, TCB and TLB had been mocking each other in their demos, TLB even made a screen where a Lost Boy uses a chainsaw on a Carebear. But the two groups have stated that it was just for fun, and that they were actually friends.

There were also other people not related to any demo groups that joined Thalion, but they were all mostly related to the demo scene in some way, but was just not in a group.

Despite their technically superior games, the sales of them were never very good and finally the company went bankrupt. Thalion Software was only in business for about six years. But most of their games were among the best games for the Atari ST and Amiga computers. Holger Flöttmann later started the game company Ascaron.

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