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Thanatos is the God of Death in the Kid Icarus series and a loyal servant of Medusa. Eccentric and flamboyant, he has the power to shapeshift. In the original Kid Icarus, he appears alongside Medusa in the game's final battle, but plays a larger role in Kid Icarus: Uprising. His name in the original Kid Icarus was spelled "Tanatos," but he added an "H" to his name because, in his words, "the H is for HAMAZING!"

During his battle with Pit in Uprising, Thanatos takes a variety of forms, including a giant foot that attempts to stomp Pit, a giant bat that can further turn into a swarm of smaller bats, and a large jar that launches boulder-sized skulls. Upon his defeat, Pit retrieves a gem from him that allows entrance to the Underworld. He later reappears as a member of Hades's forces; his quick revival is explained as being a special case, as he is a god of death. However, he is defeated once again, this time by Phosphora.

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