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Said to erupt every thousand years to herald the dawn of a new age, Tharsis is a massive volcano overlooking the mountain pass at Seven Gates. In a previous era it was one of the legendary forges of the Trow, at a time when their insatiable lust for iron was at its peak. It has fallen out of active use as a forge since the events of the Oghre Rebellion, which forced the Trow to reassess the repercussions of their love of iron, but it still stands as a reminder of a time when Trow influence was felt across the world. In more recent years, it played a role in the course of the Great War, as the heat caused by its unexpected eruption melted the pass at Seven Gates, in the process thwarting the Legion's attempt to bar passage to the Fallen through the winter. Sixty years later, Tharsis would once again bear witness to climactic events, this time as the site of Alric and Soulblighter's final showdown. Retreating into the Eye of Tharsis after being pinned down by Alric, Soulblighter attempted to use the mountain as a focal point for a spell which would shatter the Cloudspine. He would not have the opportunity to finish casting the spell, however, as Alric pursued him into the bowels of the mountain, ensuring that it would be his final resting place.

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