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That Gun is a unique weapon from Fallout: New Vegas.


Oh...THAT Gun.

That Gun is a heavily modified pared down .233 Rifle. It has been cut off at almost the front of the barrel. It has a faster reloading capacity and shooting speed than the average revolver due to its motorized cylinder. Prior to the Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC, it was the only pistol in the game that was able to use dedicated Armour Piercing rounds.

That Gun can be repaired using Weapon Repair Kits, various merchants throughout the Mojave Wasteland or by using any other non-energy pistol (but you must also have the Jury Rigging perk). It has the second highest potential critical strike chance of any one-handed non-energy weapon in the game.


You can find That Gun in Novac, at the Dino Bite Gift Shop. You can purchase the gun from Cliff Briscoe or, if you prefer, steal it from the storage room located to Cliff's right. Stealing That Gun is very easy due to the fact you can move into the corner of the room and, due to a bug, the game will not acknowledge Cliff's being able to see you, and will show you as still being hidden.

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