Third Birthday Success=PS3 Parasite Eve

#1 Posted by AgentJ (8778 posts) -

 "The team had a lot of experience and knew a lot about making a game for PSP which is why we chose PSP as the platform for this game," said Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase during a presentation at Gamescom in regards to The 3rd Birthday. "But if this game turns out to be a success then we'd be looking at extending the franchise into PS3."   

Each and every one of you had better pick up a copy when the game drops. 
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If it's good I'd buy it... I'm always itching to feed my PSP some game time (Especially since my poor DS has problems with the lower screen).

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Sooo... PS3 connectivity hooks confirmed?? 
If any game deserves an infected mode, this is it. 
Man it's amazing to think that this franchise has never been on the PS2.  I guess that's what we're getting with this one. ;) 
Most likely I will buy the soundtrack before I even get hold of the game.

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I'll pick it up. As for paying for, that's a different question.

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Eh, not sure I'd even want that. On the PSP it can do whatever it wants as the development costs aren't that high (well, presumably anyway -- I mean, the game has been in development for about 5 years now) so they can still make money off of it even if it isn't an overwhelming success, but on the PS3, especially if it's an exclusive (especially if it's a Square Enix game with a development cycle of about 10 years), a game really needs to sell. I could see them stripping it of everything that makes it unique and turning it into a generic cover-based third-person shooter just to cater more to the West.
A Deus Ex-like game by Eidos Montreal set in the Parasite Eve universe would be pretty interesting, though.

#6 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

I will buy 12 if it means i get a ps3 game :D

#7 Posted by DazzHardy (796 posts) -

Just got my copy of the Twisted Edition here in the UK, and I'm still getting over the fact I'm playing a new Parasite Eve. **** YES!

#8 Posted by dragonzord (823 posts) -

They said that about Valkyria Chronicles 2 
just saying

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Oh hells yeah. My copy arrived this morning loving it so far.

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