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No Talk, No Teamwork, No Winning

From the standpoint of a video gamer who thrives in games that incorporate cooperative play, I really like the concept of The Adventures of Cookie & Cream and was really excited about playing it for the first time. However, I found that if the other person you are playing with is not very verbal in team play or is used to cooperative play, the game can be very straining  and end in frustration. What a way to ruin what started out to be something expected to be fun!

The controls are fairly simple and the characters respond quickly to the controller's movements. The problem is that the courses are not simple having lots of obstacles and quirky puzzles. Trying to coordinate the two characters while limiting them to a short time limit can almost simulate a high stress situation like a bank robbery or that final exam you have been cramming for. There is so much that can go wrong if you move this way as Cookie and suddenly, Cream falls into the biting maw of a mean bird.  That is the other thing about it, you absolutely have to work as a team. The two characters can affect each others movement on the screen. So Cream cannot run up ahead and clear her side of the track while Cookie is stuck on a log.

So I you tend to be a solo video game player, this is not the game for you! Is it challenging? Yes! Is it complicated? Yes! Is it cute? Sure! But is it a breeze? No. It is not, so proceed with warning.


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