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In Crackdown, there is a very powerful and very elite crime squad called the Agency. The way the Agency ensures that all their soldiers are the best that they can possibly be, they alter their DNA so they are able to jump higher, run faster, shoot more accurately, drive better, lift heavier objects, take more pain, punch harder, and create bigger explosions. Basically, their aim is to make each soldier like Superman.

A perfect example of the Agency's biomechanics is The Agent. The Agent is the main character in Crackdown. All he is programmed to do is to defend Pacific City from danger and to be good at it. He has all of the qualities mentioned before but throughout the game, the player will level him up by collecting "Agility Orbs", beating up gang members, shooting gang members, blowing up gang members, running over gang members, and doing stunt jumps. The Agents abilities are ranked in stars and if the player gets the 4 star maximum in each ability, they have achieved the Agency's goal and they are the best at everything, driving, shooting, etc., and they are basically like Superman.

Creation of The Agents

After The Agency was pushed back by the enemy gangs in Crackdown, they started to realize drastic measures had to be taken to regain the upper hand in Pacific City. Dr. Baltazar Czernenko  was in charge of the creation of The Agents. After he concieved the first Agent, the cloning process made sure there would never be a shortage of Agents. Dr. Baltazar Czernenko left The Agency, and started working for the Shai-Gen Corporation. Because he left The Agency, he had to start over. The failed attempts resulted into the Freaks in Crackdown 1. 


Everytime the player starts up Crackdown, they have the option to choose 1 of 8 skins, not including the downloadable skins, for the Agent.
African American Agent

Asian Agent

Goth Agent

Tribal Agent

Hispanic Agent

Norse Agent

Biker Agent

Thai Agent

Downloadable Agents

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