What's with all the night scenes?

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So having seen about three different trailers for this I've noticed that any of the action involving Spider-Man in full costume all take place at night. True this may not be a reflection of the finished movie when it's released but I'm wondering if there are going to be any scenes of Spidey fighting or web slinging in broad day light. Normally when I see this in movies today it seems like an easy excuse to use shadow or dark environments to keep the audience from seeing any problems with the visual effects.

My argument though in any of the previous Spider-Man movies there was plenty of action and fighting that took place in day light and it looked perfectly fine. Sure you could easily tell CGI Spidey from the actor in costume but it still looked good in my opinion. I don't know maybe it's too soon to tell and maybe I'm completely wrong about this, but I have a really strong hunch that they're trying to use night scenes an awful lot to cover up any poor visuals.

Any thoughts?

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Probably because he's in high school and it's his only free time.

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@AckbarTheGreat said:

Probably because he's in high school and it's his only free time.

That's good enough for me!
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He uses the cover of darkness to avoid being caught by the police? I dunno, but now that you've mentioned it, it's probably more realistic he only comes out at night.

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maybe your wrong and the trailers are not showing the 'whole' movie

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Short of bank robberies, (which are usually limited to bank hours) wouldn't most crimes happen at night? Seems like a good time for Spider-Man to be out and about.

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