Cheetahmen 2 Kickstarter Drama

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Has anybody heard about the drama with AVGN and some sort of scandal involving a kickstarter project involving Cheetahmen 2?

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I recall there being a thread about this thing, but I can't find it right now. Anyone?

#4 Posted by CornBREDX (6763 posts) -

Didn't know about it but I don't see what the big deal is. The terrible developers of a terrible game reviewed by AVGN is being "remastered" on it's original platform. 
The only interesting thing about this is whether or not this would hold any value to collector's or whether the actual collectors would be the only ones to buy it. *shrug*

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I'm a little confused at what the scandal it that they're making around $15 profit for each $60 purchase? What exactly is wrong with that? I'm not seeing anywhere in Kickstarter's TOS where making a profit is not allowed.

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@Butano From what I can tell, the issue just has more to do with Haven't actual sentiments about promoting such a fundamentally terrible game than anything else. It seems he participated in the Kickstarter video without really thinking how much of an impact his presence would have and now in retrospect would prefer to not be attached to a project related to a game he vehemently dislikes. There are also some doubts about the cost since it really shouldn't cost so much money to slap a patches ROM onto a reproduction cart, but the bigger issue is how his reputation is being used by the project.
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@Butano Ack, sorry. Meant to say James' sentiments. Typing this on a phone, so no edit functions for me!
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Don't get why it's such a scandal. People were raging pretty hard on his youtube video as well. I think it's good, and more people should do it. An awful, bugged game getting a fix so long after release?

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I think it would be great if they remastered good games....but Cheetahmen 2??

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He should of done research on the project before attaching his brand to it but people seriously overreacted to this whole thing. The internet (specifically the gaming community) tends to overreact to just about anything. It's like people are so desperate for scandals and drama that they'll blow anything out of proportion.

Here's the thing...Kickstarter projects can be kind of shady. People have noticed the success that certain projects have gotten and see an opportunity to make a profit. That only becomes an issue when they want to make a profit off of selling garbage. People just have to be better judges of who wants to sell you a genuine quality product and whose looking to rip you off. Either way, people took their aggression out on James for no good reason. Sometimes I think the internet needs to find a happier medium when they aren't happy about something.

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You know what's bullshit? Blowing dumb, inconsequential video game news out of all proportion.

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