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 Cristoff without her armour.
When Tanya Christoff was a child her parents were killed by a group of giant ants, causing Tanya to develop a delusion that ants are superior to humans and will be the inheritors of the Earth, as they have the ability of co-operate on a large scale, as opposed to humans who war with each other. She donned an ant-like armour and befriended the creatures, calling herself 'The AntAgonizer'. She lives in an underground lair where she is protected by her "royal guard" of ants, but she occasionally ventures up to the surface to wander with them.
Like many female characters in Fallout 3 The AntAgonizer is voiced by Shari Elliker.

The Superhuman Gambit

The AntAgonizer is a central character in the quest 'The Superhuman Gambit' where the player first sees her and her minions fighting against The Mechanist and his minions in Canterbury Commons. Both she and The Mechanist eventually flee the fight before Uncle Roe speaks to the protagonist, and gives them the task of ending the career of either The Mechanist or The AntAgonizer. When carrying out the quest the player has a number of options before entering her lair. They can talk to Joe Porter to discover her real name, visit the Mechanist and obtain his armour either by killing him or convincing him to give up this career, or visit Hubris Comics to discover The AntAgonizer was going to become a character in the Grognak the Barbarian comic but that the comic was cancelled.
Once the player makes it through to The AntAgonizer's throne room, if they are wearing The Mechanist's armour she will immediately attack, thinking they are The Mechanist, otherwise the player can engage her in conversation. If the player has The Mechanist's armour they can trade it too her for an exclusive melee weapon, the 'Ant Sting'. If the player knows her real name and either has the Lady Killer perk or can pass a very high speech check (the hardest in the game) they can convince her to give up her supervillain persona and hand over her armour. The player can also achieve the same result if they have visited Hubris Comics and discovered the letter about her cancelled comic book. Should the player talk confrontationally too her or attack her she and her ants will fight the player, and if the player chooses to side with her and kill The Mechanist, he will bust into her lair and a fight will begin with the player.
Whatever the outcome of the quest the player is rewarded with 200-600 caps upon returning to Canterbury Commons after dealing with either supervillian, and if the player delivers The AntAgonizer's armour to The Mechanist, he will give them an exclusive gun, 'Protectron's Gaze'. The player can also enter The Mechanist's lair wearing The AntAgonizer's costume, at which point he will engage them in battle, thinking they are The AntAgonizer.

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