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The Avatar Legend is an RPG where you play as your avatar, created by BarkersCrest Studio, an indie game developer. 
You have direct control over your avatar, there are other avatars throughout the world who you can talk to and receive quests from, the game features conversation trees in which you can gather information from other avatars. 
Treasure chests can be found throughout the world which contain rewards such as exp, gold items or other pieces of equipment. The combat in the game is separated from overworld section, you can draw your weapons when out of combat. 


 The world features plenty of unique environments
All the avatar were peacefully enjoying themselves on the Xbox 360 dashboard, until suddenly they all get teleported into the world of Avatar Legend! All the avatars have been stuck inside this land waiting for the one to come and rescue them. The legend says that the one is the only Avatar able to open treasure chests in the world. 
When your avatar gets thrown into this world, he/she is given the task of opening a chest, once you prove that you have the power to open the chests the avatar are excited that the one is finally here to save them from this world. 


 The world is filled with other Avatars who need your help
The Avatar Legends features a 10+ hour single player adventure, it can be played on your own or you can connect to  Xbox Live and join 5 other of your friends and play the adventure in multiplayer. The single player campaigns revolves around asking avatars for quests and advice and buy and unlocking items and combat zones where you must defeat all he enemies before continuing the adventure.

Quest Builder

 The Avatar Legends features a robust quest and map editor, the main adventure was created using this editor. 
The editor allows you to create multiple maps and link them together to create a big adventure. You can create your own main and side quests, different items and weapons, different enemies, you can use avatars from your friends list as NPCs in the world. You can create text trees for each NPC that can give the player quests or rewards such as gold, exp. or items 
Once you have created your adventure you can share it online with your friends and play it with them.

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