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Bandas live in the woods near Marcuria. Their live underground inside of caves.

The Longest Journey

First Banda in the game is met by April, when she is on the way to Roper Klacks's castle. His name is Ben-Bandu and he is looking for his brother, who is lost in the woods. He asks April to help him. She does find Ben-Bandus brother inside of a closet in the Gribbler house and helps him out of the window.

Later April joins the Banda on their party and learns things about their customs and lifestyle. She sleeps in the Spirit Dig, where Bandas talk to their ancestors.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Only one Banda appears in the sequel. He is found in the Oldtown marketplace. He comes out from one of the houses, walks towards a woodpile, then back into the house. This animation repeats forever.

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