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So Close, Still Far: A Classic in the Making 0

Like the game to which it’s attached, this review is largely a graveyard. Though you won’t find Vikings, varl and caravan buried here, only other, lesser reviews. What a hard time I had putting my thoughts to paper! The Banner Saga isn’t a long game, nor is it an especially complex or controversial release. So what’s with my confusion and hesitation? Simply put, this game challenges a lot of basic, but very important game standards: decision making and tactics are old, old hats even in game year...

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The Banner Saga's gorgeous visuals draw you into a grim world full of tough choices 0

The sun no longer sets and the old gods are dead. As your caravan of men, women and giants trudges across another desolate speck of land they feel insignificant against the backdrop of this harsh climate. Looming, stark-white mountaintops swallow the sky above, while an ice cold wind carries snowflakes scurrying in its path, sweeping through a blazing inferno on the distant horizon. As you edge closer to the charred remains of a forlorn village a group of fleeing warriors come upon your caravan ...

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The Banner Saga Review: You Are A Viking 0

XCOM meets Norse mythology in The Banner Saga, 2014’s first great RPG. While safety and morale propel interactions between the main characters and shady NPCs, players command axemen and archers on the battlefield, and assign items and skill points back at snow-frosted camps. Sudden irreversible permadeath, which claims heroes at a moment’s notice, ties the unsettling ambiance together, though I would modify my analogy slightly: The Banner Saga also embraces The Oregon Trail's cross-c...

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I love this game. 0

The Banner Saga grabbed me in a way I didn't expect. I vaguely remember the game from it's early Kickstarter days, but completely forgot about it until it's release. And after watching about twenty seconds of a Let's Play, I bought it for it's art style alone. The game is gorgeous. It has a hand-drawn early Disney look. Or if you've ever seen the 1970's Hobbit/Lord of the Rings cartoons. It's a kind of regal, five frames per second type of art design. Sort of a moving painting.The game itself i...

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